Marcia Reich
Marcia Reich
A Place To Jump Start The Changes In Your Life

Are you ready for you next best step?


I suspect you’re here because you are either contemplating some kind of life change or are smack in the middle of one. And you need some guidance.

At this point, I’m not quite sure where you are in the change cycle so I’m giving you a starting point.

My guidance begins with a fun and illuminating PERSONALITY QUIZ (We like those, right?) I follow that up with a more in depth, personalized response, easy, free of charge and all in an effort to make whatever and wherever you are a little less painful. Now remember, I didn’t say painless but definitely easier and more manageable.

So is your reason for being here on the list?

Ø you want something more out of your life. 

Ø You have that squirmy feeling in your gut

Ø Your current job bores you to tears. 

Ø You lost your job

Ø  You are recently divorced. 

Ø  You are starting a family,

Ø You have moved to a new state. 

Ø You’re looking to re-enter the workforce

Ø You want to start your own business

Ø You’re a mid-lifer with so much to give and no idea how to proceed

I could go on and on about the changes we face throughout our lives. Whatever it is, the path is the same. Yes, you heard that correctly, the path to change is always the same.

The journey is made up of 2 parts. DESIRE & DETERMINATION. And your desire can be a “have to” or a “want to”. It can be a longing to make some changes that came out of a moment of illumination that says, “I better get going”.  But You must feel that Desire & Determination to get up and do something. Because all that crazy stress, those stay up all night planning in your head stuff, it’s not getting you onto the right path.

You need a clear intention, a step-by-step processa road map to help you shift, pivot and transition to whatever and wherever you are going. What’s even better? You don’t have to develop that road map on your own or take the journey by yourself.


Start HERE with

The Transition Assessment Evaluator

Learn where and how you feel most comfortable. Are you an INNOVATOR? EXPLORER? Perpetual THINKER? DESIGNER?


So now…First Steps FIRST. Take the QUIZ and discover a bit more about yourself. 


First Name                             Email Address                    Take the Quiz


You’ll also get more information about your specific Personality Type once you complete the quiz along with some free worksheets and writing exercises to help you start planning your next best step. I’ll even share my own and how I use it in my own changes, shifts and transitions. 

Now that you have the link to my free personality assessment, let me take a minute to tell you about myself. 

Although not a descriptor in my personality assessment, I consider myself a DIVER. I’m always ready to dive into something new with the excitement and energy that I liken to drinking more than three cups of expresso (YIKES!) 

I’m a change lover and career shifter. People in my life have often said I’m the queen of reinvention. But I’m here to tell you that that isn’t quite so. 

I’m more of a builder that a reinventor. Throughout the years I have taken the skills I acquired in one area and stacked them. Just to summarize. Thirty years ago, I sold computer software. When my son was born, I became a freelance writer. A few years later I helped start my husband’s computer consulting business. I learned how to design websites in the days when you had to know how to code – ugh! And then I went back to graduate school at 38 because I always yearned to be a therapist. It was there in graduate school that I learned I could paint. Have I exhausted you? I sincerely apologize.

 The important thing about what I’ve done is that I developed strategies over the years that I’ve put to work not only for myself but for hundreds of other people. I learned some of the hard, painful lessons that being a “Diver” taught me along with all the great things that being courageous and open taught me as well.

With more than twenty years of experience working with women across the lifespan, I know the dynamics of change, the obstacles you can face and can share some of the tools I developed for myself and others.



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M.A. Counseling Psychology
Vermont College



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