Are you feeling stuck?

Facing challenges personally or professionally? Maybe you've been thinking about getting in or out of a relationship? Or perhaps "midlife" has crept in and you are in that time of life when you are wondering if it's a time for change? Should you take a leap of faith and explore something new and different? Write a book? Learn a new skill? Go back to school? The list is endless.

Truthfully, it doesn't matter what the exact "thing" that you are struggling with is. Every issue, and every personal challenge, benefits from exploration and a period of digging deeper and learning more about yourself.  

I Can Help!

There are certainly emotions and feelings that are universal but people respond differently to different types of interventions. I always tailor your treatment to respond to your specific needs—your personality, situation, relationships, etc. There isn't one answer to a problem so we won't be looking for THE solution, or the instant fix-it (it doesn't exist). We will be searching for ways to help you gain more clarity so that you can be productive, effective, peaceful—all those great things we are all seeking. You want to feel like you have a good handle on your life, right?

Make Lasting Changes. 

I know you want those “aha” moments but then you have to learn and practice how to put them into practice. That often takes someone like ME—skilled, professional, your advocate, personal cheerleader and more. 

How will you know if OUR work is working?

You will find yourself applying what we discuss, using the tools we work on, and discovering that the insights you’ve gained in one area are spilling into the other areas of your life (Yay!).  My goal is to leave you with strategies, communication skills (great for relationship building), and ways of thinking that can be transferred to your world outside my office. Whether it be about parenting, friendships, romantic relationships, family dynamics, etc., we generally function the same in each area of our lives. So, if things aren't working in one place, they generally aren't working in others.

If you felt “stuck” when you first came in, I will help you to leave with change that “sticks.”