Patience and Equanimity

It isn't easy. This life journey is fraught with daily challenges and frustrations and everyday seems to call upon us to be our best selves. Whether it be on the grocery line, connecting with a friend, dealing with a customer, communicating with your spouse, children, the computer tech person  (LOL) etc — The list is endless! Fortunately, for most of us, those bumps are tiny and lead to nothing catastrophic.

These last few months of my life have brought both opportunities and challenges. I have big plans and dreams for the future. I'm excited about the steps and strides I've made in my creative journey and my work in counseling and creative consulting is seeing changes as well. The world as I knew it when I began my private practice is WAY, WAY, WAY different than it was 15 years ago. I'm playing catch up to this new world- finessing, fiddling and figuring out where I want to be.

Change(s), the process of getting from one place to another is often way longer and bigger than you imagined when you first started out. There are huge learning curves. That passion you began with can quickly take a detour into stress, anxiety and fatigue. And it's the same—regardless of the change. Leap too quickly and inevitably you are going to trip and fall somewhere. 

So, what's the answer? Hmmm, good question. My clients would look at me in that way they do—with great expectation and relief that I'm going to have the answer. Sorry to disappoint. There's no magic. If there were, people would be lining up around the block. The key is in the title of this blog— "Patience and Equanimity" — trying to enjoy the journey and not getting so attached to the end result. It's the attachment to results that always gets us. So this blog you are reading…I was sure you would be reading it a month ago. But then the title would be different. It wouldn't have been the result of enormous challenges and endless hours on the phone with tech support. But I learned and in the end I'm grateful. It's always easier the tenth time around. Happy New Year from my Work In Progress.