I talk about ROADMAPS quite a bit. They seem like the best metaphor to describe the process I use to get from one place to another. And if you are anything like me, you can’t put your car in drive without the GPS working. Most of us get a little lost in the navigation process so it’s great to have something in black and white to back you up. That’s where my maps and worksheets come in. You can pick the one that suits your learning and working style to begin mapping your journey from Feeling to Doing.

What will these maps do for me?

We need to get our thoughts out on paper otherwise they just roll around in our heads like a tornado. When we get them out, we can begin to sort through them. And you can do this in so many ways. I, for example am a doodler. I don’t think in a linear fashion — at least not at first. Putting all my thoughts down randomly with some doodles thrown in there is how I begin. I then look over those scattered notes, thoughts, words, etc. and I begin to organize them in a more manageable way. Some of you may be total linear thinkers and doers and that’s great. I have a number of worksheets for you that are neat and organized and you can fill in your information and do your exploration from there.


See some examples of what I’ve done below: